Registrar's Office

Welcome Students!

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Registrar’s Office manages student records and enrollment, maintains student data and grades, monitors students’ compliance with degree requirements, certifies enrollment, assesses students’ tuition, and schedules courses.

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Academic Calendar

The HSPH Academic Calendar is aligned with those of other Harvard graduate schools.
Important future dates are listed in our Summary and Planning Calendars.

Enrollment Information

The Student Knowledge Center contains information and processes for course enrollment, cross-registration, degree status changes, and other HSPH resources.
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Forms & Verification Requests

Request a transcript, certify enrollment or degree, or find a form to make a Registrar’s Office request.
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my.harvard offers one-stop access for students, staff, faculty and other academic appointees to information they find most useful. Features include information about courses, advisors, and student records.
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Book It

Book It is the school’s room reservations system. It allows you to see which rooms are available on the date/time you want, review seating arrangement availability and number of people each room can accommodate, or just review school events.