Forms & Verification Requests

Transcript & Enrollment Verification Requests

Process for requesting a transcript or letter of certification of enrollment or degree.


The Registrar’s Office is committed to keeping your data safe.  For this reason, active students and alumni should submit their forms to the Registrar’s Office through the my.harvard portal rather than through email. To upload a form, sign in to the my.harvard portal, click on Student Home, then select ‘Documents’ from the left navigation.  Next, click ‘HSPH Registrar Form Submission’, upload the document you would like to submit, select the form type from the description drop down menu, then click submit.

Doctoral Timetable Forms

Doctoral Timetable & additional forms for DrPH and SD students.

Application for Degree (For PHD-PHS Only)

For PHD-PHS students seeking a Master’s degree along the way. All other students must submit the online degree application via My.Harvard.

Diploma Mailing Form

Submitted by graduating students to indicate that the diploma should be mailed.

Diploma Replacement Request

Submitted when requesting a replacement diploma (if stolen or destroyed).

Final Summer Practicum Intent Form

This form is for summer-only degree students who wish to enroll in only their practicum in their final semester.

General Petition

Used to petition to change current student status, extend graduation date, enroll in over half the credits outside Harvard Chan, for doctoral students to register for research credit prior to the Oral Exam, and various other uses.

Identity Change Form

Used to change your officially change the official name in our database (usually after a marriage or divorce).

Incomplete – Final Grade Submission

The course instructor should complete this form and submit to the Registrar’s Office after the student’s final work has been evaluated.

Leave of Absence Petition

Used when requesting a leave of absence from program.

Non-Degree Credit Transfer

Used to transfer Harvard Chan non-degree credits into a Harvard Chan degree program.

Non-Harvard Cross-Registration Petition

Used by Chan School degree students who want to cross-register into Tufts-Fletcher or Tufts-Friedman. Make sure to have 2 copies, 1 for the home school and 1 for the host school.

Request for Certification

Used when requesting certification of enrollment, tuition, fees, or graduation.

Request for Credit Limit Exception

Used by full-time students when requesting to enroll in more than the maximum credits in a term/session

Student File Release

Used to allow a 3rd party to view a student’s file.

Transcript Request

Used to request a transcript.

Waiver of Core Courses

Used to request waiver of BST and EPI school-wide core course(s) only.