General Petition Instructions

To submit a General Petition, please log in to and click on the Student Home tab, then click on ‘Documents’.  You will see the General Petition form in the ‘Electronic Forms’ section.

Screenshot of General Petition form in documents section of portal.
After clicking on ‘General Petition’, complete the form, attach additional documentation if necessary, then click submit.

Note: For MPH and SM students, requests to change student status or grad dates must include an Academic Plan.

After submission, the form will be sent to your advisor, department/program chair, and the Registrar’s Office for review. You will be notified once the Registrar’s Office has reviewed your request.

Screenshot of general petition form

You can view the status of or cancel your submitted form(s) by clicking ‘View Prior Submissions’ in the ‘Electronic Forms’ section of the documents page.

Screenshot of View Prior Submissions view in portal