Cloud Computing Resources

Cloud environments provide a powerful and flexible computing option for many researchers. Several cloud computing options are available to School investigators through University-negotiated/managed solutions and individually developed solutions.

Learn more about cloud computing options at Harvard via the HUIT cloud computing resource page or by emailing HUIT also hosts an IT Help page for cloud services.

Immediate contractual protection for your work (e.g. terms negotiated by Harvard’s Vendor Management Office) is available if you access cloud computing via a Harvard account, so you are strongly encouraged to go through Harvard even when there are no discounts available.

Ready for a Harvard-associated cloud account? Sign up using this link.

Standard cloud environments are not compliant with many federal data security policies such as FISMA and FedRAMP. Ensuring your preferred cloud solution is set up to be compliant with University and sponsor data security requirements can be complex. Please contact Andy Ross, the School’s senior information security officer, when you are setting up a cloud environment.

Sample of Cloud Computing Options

AWS logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Harvard’s enterprise service agreement with AWS provides discounts, compliant security standards, and greater account protection. Learn more on the HUIT AWS Cloud page.
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The University has a signed enterprise agreement with GCP, however some details of the University’s relationship with GCP, including discounted services, are currently being negotiated.
Azure logo

Microsoft Azure

The main pricing break from Azure is, if you join to the main Harvard tenant, you can use the Microsoft Campus Agreement to get access to all University-licensed Microsoft software for no additional charge. Harvard’s agreement also has a certain amount of pre-paid Azure usage written into the contract, which is currently passed on to individual subscriptions as a 5% discount.

AWS, GCP, and Azure all have a consolidated billing service agreement with the University, meaning faculty can pay with a 33-digit billing code rather than a credit card. Please contact to learn more about cloud offerings available through Harvard University.


The NIH Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative provides reduced rates to access cloud-based data storage (GCP and AWS) when using NIH direct dollars. STRIDES discounts must be access through an institutional agreement that is currently being negotiated by the Harvard Chan School in coordination with HMS and HUIT. General information can be found on the NIH Strides Initiative website.

Please contact the Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) office to learn more about your eligibility to access STRIDES.