FASRC Computing Cluster

FAS Research Computing logoHarvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing (FASRC) standard services are now paid fully by the Harvard Chan School for School PIs and their research labs.

  1. Features & Cost
  2. Eligibility
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1. FASRC Features & Cost

  • Cannon high-performance computing cluster (formerly Odyssey): free service includes CPU and GPU compute
  • Storage: the Harvard Chan School will support the cost of 20 TB of storage per PI at FASRC
  • Larger volume storage: PIs are initially allotted 4 TB of storage, but can request more from FASRC as needed; storage needs beyond 20 TB will be charged to the PI (see more information on storage tiers and cost)
  • Above standard services: customized solutions for Harvard level 3 data and above, and other above standard services will continue to incur a fee
  • FISMA-compliant data enclave is in development and its use may incur additional costs to the PI

Please contact FASRC staff with questions regarding services they provide, or to discuss the development of custom research computing solutions: rchelp@rc.fas.harvard.edu.

2. FASRC Eligibility Criteria for Harvard Chan School Investigators

  • Access to FASRC resources is organized through the account of an eligible PI.

    ***  AND ***

  • The PI must run some portion of their research operation through the Harvard Chan School (e.g. grant or research staff are based at the Harvard Chan School); eligibility will be confirmed annually.

Questions about PI eligibility can be sent to Michele Sinunu.

3. Request a FASRC Account


4. FASRC Training, Documentation, & Support