January 2024 PPT (9/12)

This winter field course introduces students to Mexico’s evolving health system. For this year, the course will examine the ongoing public debate about how to reform the healthcare system, with a focus on proposals from health system experts and candidates running for president on June 2, 2024.

The course will be held in Mexico City, where we will have seminars with key health sector leaders and visits to health facilities to understand the heterogeneity and complexity of the Mexican health system. We will also participate in projects to support local organizations engaged in delivering care and improving the health system. Potential projects for the January 2024 course could include topics such as state-level health reform plans, the federal primary health care model, access to effective and timely breast cancer treatment, and reproductive health.

The course has three main components:

1) Examine the public debate and political proposals in an electoral year about how to improve the performance of Mexico’s health system with attention to the public health, political, and economic implications.

2) Learn about the heterogeneity and complexity of the Mexican health system, with Mexico City and in other parts of the country.

3) Contribute to program design, monitoring, and evaluation for one of three selected projects with partner institutions through a three-week group project of applied research.

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies in Mexico will provide support for organizing the course. The Mexican National Institute of Public Health will collaborate on the course. Spanish is recommended but not required. The course is limited to 15 students.

Questions: Martin Lajous (, Michael Reich (, and Andrea Luviano (