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Ask the expert: Sugary drinks and genetic risk for obesity

The Expert: Dr. Lu Qiqi


Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

We asked Dr. Lu Qi of the Harvard School of Public Health to explain the importance of considering genetic factors when approaching your diet. His recently published study suggests a link between sugary drinks and a genetic risk of obesity, and highlights the importance of gene-environment interaction in determining health outcomes. In the study of 33,097 individuals, those with a genetic predisposition to obesity were likely to be more adversely impacted by drinking sugary beverages; and the detrimental effects of sugary drink on body weight appeared to be amplified by high genetic risk. Read more about the study here.

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Maternal Obesity

maternal-obesity-cover-smallIn Maternal ObesityMatthew Gillman M.D., S.M. and Lucilla Poston Ph.D. compile a comprehensive volume that outlines the health risks for obese mothers and their babies and suggests solutions and preventative measures for health care providers and policymakers to combat this growing challenge.