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Research Roundup

Noteworthy nutrition studies highlighted by members of The Chan School’s Department of Nutrition

1) Cardel M, Lema DJ, Jackson KH, et al. (2015) Higher intake of PUFAs is associated with lower total and visceral adiposity and higher lean mass in a racially diverse sample of children. Journal of Nutrition 145(9): 2146-52.

We know that eating a diet with adequate intake ofSONY DSC  polyunsaturated fats is important, but new finding suggest this may have important benefits for children.
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Prioritize Plants For Healthy Holiday Cooking

When it comes to holiday meals, meat is usually the star of the show – with starches playing a supporting role. This year, consider turning tradition around and prioritize plants. You’ll wow guests with the variety of colors and flavors, all while serving them nutritious, vegetable-filled fare with minimal meat – better for both you and the environment. Continue reading

WHO report says eating processed meat is carcinogenic: Understanding the findings

Last week the World Health Organization (WHO)’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced that consumption of processed meat is “carcinogenic to humans (Group I ),” and that consumption of red meat is “probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A).” The report differentiates the two meats as follows: Continue reading