Core Competencies

Upon successful completion of the program, students are expected to have gained competency in the following areas:

  • Gain a broad understanding of the primary disciplines in the biological sciences, including molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and physiology
  • Critically evaluate scientific data and scientific literature
  • Identify important, novel questions and critically design and execute experiments to address these questions
  • Apply expertise in one or more research area within the biological sciences, gained through original bench research toward completion of a dissertation
  • Apply quantitative sciences, such as biostatistics or epidemiology, to the generation of hypotheses and the analysis of data in biomedical research
  • Communicate effectively about science, both orally and in writing, to diverse audiences
  • Describe ethical issues and follow best practices of integrity and reproducibility in scientific research
  • Participate in scientific discourse and exchange of ideas in a collaborative manner
  • Describe the place for basic biomedical research in the broader public health sciences