Application Process

While the PhD Program in Biological Sciences is located at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, it is offered through the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) and therefore the application process is through GSAS.

Students who wish to apply to the BPH Program must submit their application via the online GSAS Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) admissions application. Please make it clear that you’re interested in the Biological Sciences in Public Health (BPH) Program. See the HILS website for additional detailed application instructions and information about the GSAS online application system.

The application process for the 2023-2024 academic year will open by early fall 2022 and completed c applications will be due by December 1, 2022.  Late materials will not be considered.
Please check our “Applicant Checklist” page and the GSAS Admissions Page for the most updated information.

Applicants with admissions and/or applications questions should call 617-496-6100 from 2-5pm EST or email GSAS Admissions

Please note that for those admitted, the PhD Program in Biological Sciences begins in July 2023.