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Esrah Du in the lab

Esrah Du

G3, Catteruccia/Dvorin Labs

I am from Westford, MA, a small town right on the border with New Hampshire. My favorite thing about my hometown is the small apple orchard, Drew Farms, especially in the fall.

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Chim Mwase

Chimwemwe “Chim” Mwase

G5, Jin-Ah Park Lab

I am from Lusaka, Zambia. What I enjoy most is the incredibly friendly people. There are over 70 ethnic groups spread across Zambia and Lusaka is a melting pot of these different cultures and traditions. Everyone is united in being Zambian even when they have a different culture and language.

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Cyrianne Keutcha profile photo

Cyrianne Keutcha

G5, Duraisingh Lab

I have two hometowns! My first and original hometown is Bafoussam, a city in Cameroon, Central Africa. Bafoussam provided a great community and growing up in such a community gave me a self-worth that made me.

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Gyan Prakash portrait photo

Gyan Prakash

 G3, Stirling Churchman Lab

I come from Rishikesh, India, nested in the Himalayans range and by the banks of the Ganges. Cultural diversity and pristine mountain trails with views of some of the highest mountain peaks are always a reason to visit. Not to mention, Indian street food and desserts are my callings to be back home more often.

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Lissah Johnson profile photo

Lissah Johnson

G3, Sarosiek Lab

I am from Elk Grove, CA -a suburb of Sacramento. One of my favorite things to do is go to downtown Sacramento to check out the amazing murals painted around the city, enjoy our famous “farm-to-table” cuisine at one of the up-and-coming restaurants , or walk along the waterfront.

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Harry Won profile photo

Harim Won

G5, Rubin Lab

I was born in Seoul, but moved to Omaha, Nebraska when I was two and grew up there! Omaha was a great place to grow up and an underappreciated gem, especially featuring the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (ranked #1 by TripAdvisor in 2014!) and the beautiful downtown Old Market.

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Johnathan Kepple profile photo

Johnathan Kepple

G3, Bernhardt Lab

I am from a small town in Texas and what I enjoy about it the most is the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

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Sidney Stanley profile photo

Sydney Stanley

G5, Fortune Lab

I am from Greensboro, NC which is also known as “Tournament Town” because it is the birthplace of the Atlantic Coast Conference and is home to their basketball tournaments, which is great because I grew up as a huge college basketball fan!

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Headshot of Sam posing by a whiteboard in lab

Sam Lapp

G3, Manning Lab

I am from Chicago, IL. As hard as it is to pick a favorite, what I enjoy most about Chicago is biking on the lakefront trail.

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Charlotte Wirth profile photo

Charlotte Wirth

G5, Lu Lab

I was raised on an island in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota which is the northernmost point of the contiguous 48 states. I loved the sense of community there.

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Katlyn Gabriel profile photo

Katlyn Gabriel

G4, Greka Lab

I am originally from Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, a small rural town about an hour north of Philly. I loved the proximity to nature and outdoor activities. Summer was a great time for kayaking, cliff diving, hiking, creek parties, or BBQs, all within a few miles of my home.

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Krystle Kalafut Profile photo

Krystle Kalafut

G6, Manning Lab

I am from a small suburb outside Youngstown, OH, a prior hub of the steel industry halfway between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland (aka “Steel Valley”). The slower pace of life in my hometown is a nice reprieve from the city. I really enjoy lounging in my parent’s open back yard with my dog and the chance to catch up with family and friends.

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Morgan Martin portrait photo

Morgan Martin

G4, Wirth Lab

I’m a Southern city girl born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. There are sooo many wonderful things about my city, but my absolute favorite would have to be the food. With every type of restaurant ranging from hole-in-the-wall to Michelin starred representing any cuisine you can think of, Atlanta is a foodie’s paradise. I make a list of old and new spots that I want to visit every time I go home, and I enjoy those meals with family and friends.

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Stuart Adamson contemplating the world amidst Mt Eisenhower Fog, New Hampshire

Stuart Adamson

G6, Biddinger Lab

I’m from the west coast; I mostly grew up in the San Francisco area, but I lived much of my life in Oregon and a bit in Tahoe as well. I love the space that is devoted to nature and recreation out there. There’s such a diversity of outdoor activities in close proximity, and there’s a much greater tree:person ratio.

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Kerry McGowen profile photo

Kerry McGowen

G6, Rubin Lab

I am from Temecula, CA. My favorite thing about my hometown is seeing my family and childhood friends.

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Jordan Jensen profile photo

Jordan Jensen

G4, Huttenhower Lab

I’m from Omaha, Nebraska and when I go home I love getting to spend time with my family both immediate and extended! With my immediate family, we enjoy spending time exploring the main street area my parents live near – a cute street with shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy good food together!.

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