Katlyn Gabriel (G4, Greka Lab)

Where are you from and what do you enjoy most about your hometown?

I am originally from Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, a small rural town about an hour north of Philly. I loved the proximity to nature and outdoor activities. Summer was a great time for kayaking, cliff diving, hiking, creek parties, or BBQs, all within a few miles of my home.

What is your research focused on?

I am a graduate student in the Greka lab where I use high-throughput imaging techniques to investigate lipid biology. I am currently focusing on the interaction of peroxisomes and fatty acids to investigate how exogenous exposure to lipids influences peroxisomal processes and cellular homeostasis.

What is your favorite part of your research?

I love exploring mechanistic cell biology, every day is like putting logical puzzle pieces together. Seeing the image at the end is always worth it!

How do you relax when you’re not working?

I started doing taekwondo in grad school and recently received my black belt. I also stay active skiing in the winter- East coast beast coast! I’m an avid boardgame player and will frequently have game nights with friends.