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The Center for Health Communication at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health prepares public health leaders of all kinds—including social media creators, who in today’s world millions of people look to for health information—to effectively communicate critical health information.

As part of our Creators Program, we create content toolkits for creators who want to spread evidence-based health information, starting with those working in mental health.

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99% of people breathe unsafe air

Healthy air, healthy minds

The connection between air pollution and mental health is a critical but overlooked aspect of mental well-being. Use our toolkit to talk about it with your audiences.
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Connecting people to the help they need

Around the world, people can’t access the mental health care they need. Use our toolkit to talk about the emerging mental health solutions that could scale to meet that need.
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15% of mothers are affected by postpartum depression

How trauma spans generations

A mother’s mental health struggles are not just her own. Use our toolkit to talk about how those struggles can reverberate for generations, and what researchers and mental health providers think they can do about it.
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40% higher risk for people with depression of developing cardiovascular & metabolic diseases

The science behind the mind-body link

Mental health is physical health. Use our toolkit to talk about the emerging science behind the mind-body link.
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25% of women identifying as being of African descent are affected by natural hair discrimination

The corrosive effect of bias and discrimination

Discrimination and bias compromises mental health. Use our toolkit to talk about the staggering economic and social cost of body dissatisfaction and appearance-based discrimination—and how racism makes us sick, both mentally and physically.
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3 years after a deadly wildfire, people exposed directly/indirectly still showed negative changes to brain function

The truth behind ‘climate grief’

The climate crisis is degrading our mental health. Use our toolkit to talk about who is bearing the greatest burden and what tools and resources we have and need to cope.
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8.74 years of the average person's life on a smartphone

Social media and well-being

Scientists have shown that social media can have positive and negative effects on our mental health. Use our toolkit to talk about what the evidence says.
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13% decrease in anxiety symptoms among those who received the expanded Child Tax Credit in 2021

Mental health and financial stability

Giving families with kids a tax credit improves parents’ mental health. Use our toolkit to talk about the evidence for that link.
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Cartoon of human head with a tree growing inside

Mindfulness and mental health

Mindfulness may serve as a proactive and protective measure for mental health. Use our toolkit to talk about how it promotes self-awareness, emotional regulation, stress reduction, and overall resilience in the face of life’s challenges.
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