Housing Resources for Harvard T.H. Chan Students

At Harvard Chan, each student and affiliate is responsible for his/her own housing. While there is no central housing office at the School, the Office for Student Affairs provides a variety of housing resources to support students attending Harvard Chan.

New to Boston and not sure where to start? The Housing Search Guide provides an introduction to the local area and a broad overview of many of the housing options to consider.

Interested in learning more about the different housing options available to students? Visit Housing Options to learn more about Harvard owned housing and private housing.

Ready to start searching? Create a Plan then Start Your Search.

Looking to connect with other Harvard Chan students who are searching for housing? Try the following resources:

Harvard Chan Classifieds (Harvard Key login required)
Harvard Housing Off Campus
Harvard Chan Students 16-17 Facebook Group
Harvard University Housing, Sublets & Roommates Group

Question? Not sure where to start? Experiencing a housing issue? Contact us for additional information and assistance.

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