Plan Your Move to Boston

Insider Tips for a Successful Move
There are a lot of things that go into planning your move to Boston. Below are just a few insider tips and advice from students and staff to help you prepare to move to Boston.

Renters Insurance
As you prepare to settle in to your apartment, make sure you protect your belongings from loss or damage. Whether it’s fire, theft, plumbing, or any other type of covered loss, a basic renters insurance policy protects against the monetary loss of the contents of an apartment or the tenant’s personal property. Most major insurance carriers offer renters insurance, and it is a relatively low-cost way to insure the value of your personal property.

Certain features of a policy such as cost for coverage, reimbursement for replacement cost vs. actual cash value, liability coverage, third-party property damage, and short-term emergency accomodation coverage will vary depending on the insurance company, the location of the apartment, the condition of the apartment, and the amount of property covered. Determine your insurance needs and compare policies carefully before deciding on a policy.

Additional ways to protect your property:

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