Celebrating IID’s 2023 Graduates!

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Ten Harvard Chan students in graduation regalia smiling for the camera.
Harvard Chan students in graduation regalia smiling for the camera.

Congratulations to the four outstanding IID graduates: Dan Rubin, Sydney Stanley, Harry Won, and Madalyn Won!

Leading up to commencement we asked all four graduates what was the best part of their time in IID and what was something they learned that will stay with them long after graduation. Enjoy this short recap of their answers below!

Dan Rubin

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My favorite part of being in IID was interacting with friends, like Harry Won, who is also graduating, and mentors, like Yonatan Grad, who were equally willing to talk about science and about life in general. 

Science, particularly in IID, can have an incredible global impact. The diseases that we work on can impact millions, or even hundreds of millions, around the world.  

Sydney Stanley

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The best part of IID is the friendly and supportive research community that is cultivated by all of the trainees, faculty, and staff. It created a really phenomenal environment that made science fun and fulfilling. 

While training in IID, I learned how to be a creative and confident scientist, which allowed me to bring my whole self to questions and problems I’m passionate about addressing. I know this will serve me as I continue to grow as a researcher. 

Harry Won

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It was an immense privilege to be immersed in the world-class scientific investigation occurring within IID, but the best part was the incredible sense of community felt among the people doing the research. 

Interactions with members of IID across all levels were instrumental in shaping my approach to analytical thinking and problem solving both in and outside of the lab. It is easy to say that the foundation IID built is one that will stay with me throughout the rest of my career.  

Madalyn Won

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My favorite part of my time in IID was the time I got to spend with our community. Between events and just hanging out, many of the IID department members have become lifelong friends and I appreciate how hard the department works to cultivate that environment. Additionally, the culture of collegiality doesn’t end with trainees, all of the faculty and staff are just as approachable and work hard to be available for social events. 

 I think the most important thing I learned in IID was that you can do great science without compromising how kind you are to others. 

Seven individuals in graduation regalia posing for the camera
Seven individuals in graduation regalia posing for the camera