Research Groups

Barbara Burleigh LAB
Barbara Burleigh LAB
Mosquito bed net; istock photo
Flaminia Catteruccia LAB
Manoj Duraisingh LAB
Manoj Duraisingh LAB
photo showing tools and technologies on top of a lab bench
Sarah Fortune LAB
close up of gloved hands handling a petri dish in a lab
Wendy Garrett LAB
gut bacteria: istock photo
Smita Gopinath
Yonatan Grad LAB
decirative - detail of glass tubes used in the lab
Phyllis Kanki LAB
Lab glass containers hanging on a rack wall
Dan Neafsey LAB
photo of kids from Botswana where the Shapiro group established some its research programs
Shapiro Research Program
decorative - photo of a lab corridor with a blurred figure walking out if it
Wirth Group