Rumani Singh, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016 – Present

Undergraduate Degree: Guru Nanak Dev University (Punjab, India)

Graduate Degree: Tsukuba University (Tsukuba, Japan)

Rumani’s Publications from the Sarosiek Laboratory:

Rumani Singh, Anthony Letai, Kristopher A. Sarosiek.
Regulation of apoptosis in health and disease: the balancing act of BCL-2 family proteins (Review) (Featured on cover).
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 2019 Jan 17. PDF. Pubmed.

Paula Gutierrez-Martinez, Leah Hogdal, Manavi Nagai, Miriama Kruta, Rumani Singh, Kristopher Sarosiek, Andre Nussenzweig, Isabel Beerman, Anthony Letai & Derrick J. Rossi
Diminished apoptotic priming and ATM signalling confer a survival advantage onto aged haematopoietic stem cells in response to DNA damage.
Nature Cell Biology, 2018 Mar 12. Pubmed.