Stacey Yu

Graduate Student, 2018 – Present

Undergraduate Degree: University of California, Berkeley

    Stacey’s publications from the Sarosiek Laboratory:
Peptides from human BNIP5 and PXT1 and non-native binders of pro-apoptotic BAK can directly activate or inhibit BAK-mediated membrane permeabilization.
Fiona Aguilar, Stacey Yu, Robert A Grant, Sebastian Swanson, Dia Ghose, Bonnie G Su, Kristopher Sarosiek, Amy E Keating
Structure, 2023 January 08. External.
Heightened apoptotic priming of vascular cells across tissues and life span predisposes them to cancer therapy–induced toxicities.
Johan Spetz, Kiwi Florido, Cameron Fraser, Xingping Qin, Jonathan Choiniere, Stacey Yu, Rumani Singh, Max Friesen, Lee L. Rubin, Joe-Elie Salem, Javid J. Moslehi, Kristopher Sarosiek.
Science Advances, 2022 November 11. PDF. External.
Exploiting endogenous and therapy-induced apoptotic vulnerabilities in immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis with BH3 mimetics.
Cameron Fraser, Johan Spetz, Xingping Qin, Adam Presser, Jonathan Choiniere, Chendi Li, Stacey Yu, Frances Blevins, Aaron N. Hata, Jeffrey W. Miller, Gary A. Bradshaw,
Marian Kalocsay, Vaishali Sanchorawala, Shayna Sarosiek (co-corresponding author), Kristopher Sarosiek.
Nature Communications, 2022 Oct 2. PDF. Pubmed.