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10 years of the lab celebration dinner











Lab Retreat 2019. L>R: Hannah, Anne, Porsha, Pallas, Rohan, Sneha, Gio, Arpit, Will
Lab Retreat 2019. L>R: Arpit, Rohan, Hannah, Anne, Pallas, Porsha, Sneha, Gio, Will
Lab Retreat 2019. Top Row: Hannah, Arpit, Pallas, Gio Middle Row: Sneha Bottom Row: Will, Porsha, Anne, Rohan
Spring Hike 2018: L>R: Anne, Caroline, Gio, Nicole, Sneha, Emina, Pallas, Roy, Porsha, Sydney, Will


4th Annual Lab Picnic! 2018. L>R: Hannah, Gio, Roy, Will, Sneha, Porsha, Emina, Pallas, Anne, Caroline, Kris.




Scout (the lab lab) at the summer picnic 2018. Because every website needs at least one animal photo.













Third annual lab picnic! Summer 2017. L>R: Anne, Yue, Kris, Nicole, Caroline H., Sneha, Will, Heather, Emina, Sydney, Ryann, Obichi, Pallas, Caroline E., Gio (+mini Gio).
Lab Dinner. L>R: Caroline H, Alex, Nicole, Sneha, Emina, A Boat of Sushi, Will, Anne, Yue, Kris, Pallas


Appleman Tri 2017. L>R: Will, Caro E, Pallas, Nicole, Anne, Heather


Lab picnic volleyball match! Summer 2017.
Lab dinner. Clockwise from front left: Yue, Obichi, Sydney, Ryann, Sneha, Pallas, Nicole, Anne, Will, Emina, Heather, Caroline E., Kris, Gio

Halloween 2016

Second Annual Lab Picnic! Summer 2016. L>R: Juan, Sydney, Zhouwei, Will, Caroline E, Anne, Gio, Kris, Heather, Ryann, Caroline H, Yue, Sneha.
Harvard Stadium Running With November Project. L>R: Heather, Caroline E, Will, Nicole, Anne.
Q: What happens when you take 10 people, with 6 PhDs, 10 Bachelors degrees, at least 3 Masters degrees, one MD in training, and one Harvard Professor and lock them in a room with only their brains and wit to solve the clues to escape? A: Random chaos ensues, Every clue is found but not one person knows that, and we definitively did not #escapetheroom. #epicfail, #wewillbeback
Lab Shot. Dec 2016. L>R: Anne, Ryann, Heather, Kris, Sneha, Caroline H, Nicole, Will, Caroline E, Yue, Gio, Iris
Lab Dinner. Oct 2016. L>R: Caroline E, Anne, Will, Yue, Iris, Ryann, Kris, Heather, Nicole, Gio










Second Annual Lab Picnic- L>R: Zhouwei, Gio, Kris, Will, Sneha, Juan, Yue, Sydney, Caroline H, Caroline E, Heather, Ryann. Anne
Lab Photo May 2015.
Lab Photo May 2015. L>R Anne, Heather, Caroline E, Will, Caroline H, Kris, Yue. Trevor
The Bacon Bake Off, 2015. L>R: Anne, Heather, Caroline H. Caroline E, Kris, Yue.
The Bacon Bake Off. 2015. L>R: British Bacon Sandwich, American BLT
Halloween 2015. Cecil and the dentist(s). L>R: Caroline E, Heather, Will (Cecil), Anne, Kris, Caroline H, Yue
Halloween 2015. L>R: Caroline E, Heather, Will, Ibrahim, Caroline H, Kris, Yue, Anne









1st Annual Lab Picnic! Kayaking, then Hail Storm. L>R: Kris, Caroline E, Anne, Caroline H, Staci, Sneha, Yue, Raymond, Will, Heather










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Lab Lunch July 2015. L>R: Anne, Will, Yue, Kris, Too-much-pizza, Raymond, Caroline H, Caroline E, Staci











Lab Dinner Feb 2015. L>R, Nessa, Will, Kris, Heather. Caroline E, Caroline H.
Lab Dinner Feb 2015. L>R, Nessa, Will, Kris, Heather. Caroline E, Caroline H.
Halloween 2014. L>R, Caroline H, Yue, Kris, Jim, Heather, Caroline E, Elizabeth R.
Halloween 2014. L>R, Caroline H, Yue, Kris, Jim. Heather, Caroline E, Elizabeth R.
Lab Photo, Dept. Retreat May 2014
Lab Photo, Dept. Retreat May 2014. L>R Will, Nessa, Robin, Yue, Caroline H., Kris, Heather, Caroline E.
Yue presenting at the GCD dept retreat 2014.
Yue presenting at the GCD dept retreat 2014.
Lab dinner Dec 2014. L>R Will (not smiling for some reason), Jim, Heather, Kris, Joe, Yue , Caroline E, Caroline H, Nessa
summer students 2013_700pi
Summer Student Poster Session 2013. L>R: Nessa, Caroline H, Yue, Ellie, Paula, Robin
Wagamamas, 2013. L>R: Will, Kris, Caroline H, Robin, Nessa, Yue
Candlepin bowling_700pi
Candlepin Bowling, Summer 2013. L>R: Yue, Nessa, Ellie, Kris, Parking Meter, Caroline H, Paula, Robin
Lab Photo, August 2012. L>R Nessa, Yue, Kris, Will, Kasia
Lab Photo, August 2012. L>R Nessa, ‘Gene’, Yue, Kris, Will, Kasia