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Lown Scholars work to improve heart health worldwide

The Lown Scholars program brings together mid-career public health scientists and professionals from low- and middle-income countries to take short courses together on topics related to cardiovascular disease prevention, and work with faculty mentors to develop project proposals.

Detail-oriented, with an eye on the big picture

Allison Andraski, PhD ’19, bridges her passion for research with her interest in health by studying the little-understood world of HDL, or “good” cholesterol. May 22, 2019 – In her senior year at UC Santa Barbara, Allison Andraski…

Only third of gout sufferers receiving treatment

Rates of gout—a type of painful, inflammatory arthritis—are substantial in the U.S., but only a third of those suffering are receiving treatment to reduce the buildup of uric acid crystals causing their symptoms.

Instead of beef, try this

Swapping beef for foods like beans, nuts, and peas can benefit people’s health, say experts—and it can help the planet’s health, too. While eating too much red meat has been linked with many chronic diseases, including type 2…