Frontline Negotiation

January 2024 Course Update:  GHP 543 will be offered as a 5-day intensive course at Harvard Chan from January 8-12, 2024.

Course Syllabus (October 2023)

The purpose of the Frontline Negotiation Lab is to build the capacity of graduate students to navigate complex political crises in uncertain times, to develop a strategic vision on how to respond to humanitarian, social and climate emergencies, and to plan a negotiation process in adversarial conditions. Emphasizing the direct engagement with practitioners, this course examines a series of contexts to further a critical reflection on the design of a negotiation process on the frontline, set the basis of a professional dialogue with field practitioners, and to shed light on negotiation practices in a complex environment.

Through an experiential learning approach, the course will present a systematic methodology to engage in complex negotiations in a proactive and practical manner. It will offer a set of tools and methods to plan complex negotiation as well as facilitate learning through student’s engagement with seasoned practitioners working in these environments. It will complement existing courses on public policy and leadership for those planning to work in high-intensity situations such as the current pandemic, social and political crises, climate shocks, natural disasters, armed conflicts and other critical situations.

Students can express interest via this form and request instructor permission for enrollment in my.Harvard (enrollment begins Nov 9th).