Administrative Offices

Office of the Dean

Julio Frenk
Dean of the Faculty and T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development
(617) 432-1025
SPH3-10th floor

Linda Brady
Chief of Staff
(617) 432- 5522
SPH3-10th floor

Kathryn Galvin
Director of Administration
(617) 432- 3525
SPH3- 10th floor

Michael Kan
Executive Dean for Administration
(617) 432- 1991
SPH3-10th floor

Academic Affairs

David J. Hunter
Dean for Academic Affairs and Vincent L. Gregory Professor in Cancer Prevention
(617) 432-1026
SPH3-10th floor

Michael J. Grusby
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Molecular Immunology
(617) 432-1240
SPH3-10th floor

Research Strategy and Development

Francesca Dominici
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Biostatistics
(617) 432-1209
SPH3-10th floor

Alumni Affairs and Career Advancement

James Smith
Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs and Career Advancement
(617) 432-8446
90 Smith St., 439


Julie Rafferty
Associate Vice Dean for Communications
(617) 432-8437
90 Smith St., 443

Executive and Continuing Professional Education

John McDonough
Director of the Center for Public Health Leadership
Professor of Public Health Practice
(617) 432-6064
90 Smith St., 230

Educational Programs

Nancy Kane
Associate Dean for Educational Programs
(617) 432- 4512
SPH3- 3rd floor

Ian Lapp
Associate Dean for Strategic Educational Initiatives
(617) 432-1804
SPH3-3rd floor

Nancy Turnbull
Associate Dean for Educational Programs
(617) 432-4496
SPH3-3rd floor

External Relations

Michael Voligny
Acting Vice Dean for External Relations
(617) 432-8449
90 Smith St., 436

Faculty Affairs

Mahnaz El-Kouedi
Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs
(617) 432-1381
90 Smith St., 1st floor

Human Resources

Linda Picard
Senior Director of Human Resources
(617) 432-2719
90 Smith St., 141

Information Technology

Taso Markatos
Chief for Information Technology
(617) 432-3164

Ombuds Office

Melissa Brodrick, Ombudsperson
(617) 432-4041
164 Longwood Avenue


Ken Wenger
Senior Director of Operations
(617) 432-3521