Building Shutdown Info

With the environmental room upgrades beginning, the project team will require a shutdown to the condenser water loop systems in FXB & SPH-2 beginning next week.

Shutdown information is as follows:


Building / Floors Date Time Impacting
FXB   –  All Floors Wednesday, June 16, 2021 5am – 1pm (8 Hours) All environmental rooms
SPH2 – All Floors Thursday, June 17, 2021 5am – 1pm  (8 Hours) All environmental rooms


Please review and distribute to all environmental room users within your department. Should you have any questions or concerns related to this project, please reach out to John Boucher or Amy Finlayson


Building Shutdown Info

On Saturday, June 26th from 6am – 2pm, the non-potable water system in SPH-2 (ALL FLOORS) will be shut down as part of the environmental room upgrades project.  The contractor will be tapping into the existing system and anticipates an 8-hour shutdown.

This will impact all non-potable water throughout all labs in SPH-2.



Campus COVID-19 Return-to-Workplace Efforts So Far:

Status by Category

HVAC Systems

  • ALL Campus HVAC fans have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • ALL Campus HVAC fans have MERV 15 filters installed.
  • All Campus HVAC fans with occupancy schedules have been extended to allow for 1 hour pre and post occupancy run times (5 a.m. to 11 p.m.) 7 days per week.
  • ALL bathroom exhaust fans have been profiled and are compliant with ASHRAE Std 62.2 (50 CFM per W.C./Urinal).
  • ALL laboratory ceiling hung fan coil unit (FCU) filters have been changed to MERV-13 filters.
  • ALL elevator shaft exhaust fans have been checked for proper operation.
  • ALL Variable Air Volume (VAV) return air fan system programs have been modified to allow for maximum outdoor air with economizer programs disabled.

Plumbing Systems

  • ALL Campus potable and non-potable plumbing systems in un-occupied spaces (emergency shower/eye wash, ice machines, kitchenettes and bathrooms) are being flushed weekly to avoid legionella.
  • ALL Campus bathroom fixtures (sinks and toilets) are in process of being converted to touchless technology.

COVID-19 Signage 

  • HUHS/EHS COVID-19 signage is installed at ALL occupied building entrance points, elevator lobbies, main common areas, and bathrooms.

Access Control

  • HCSPH and affiliates essential personnel list approved by Katie Hope and Jane Kim only.
  • One-time only access requests submitted via Qualtric form are approved by Katie Hope and Jane Kim only.
  • Visitor/Guest access approval expanded to ROMs, DAs, CSOs, PIs via online visitor request form.
  • Main Campus access restricted to FXB entrance only.
  • HCSPH issued surgical mask required to be worn at all times while on campus. All occupants must transfer from travel mask to School issued mask within five minutes of entry.
  • Paper health attestation form lock boxes installed in FXB lobby, 90 Smith Street, and Landmark Center 4W.
  • attestation forms (researchers and vendors) are scanned and emailed to Director of Planning and Facilities daily at end-of-business. Katie Hope is notified if an individual checked a box with COVID symptoms or was exposed to someone with COVID systems.  Security officers shred the originals once scanned forms are validated.  All scanned forms are stored on a secure network drive.

Capital Construction

  • All non-critical capital construction has been paused and shifted to next fiscal year. Exceptions include IID laboratory renovations, SPH2 air handler renewal, Environmental room(s) renewal, and Shattuck Int’l House renewal.

Operating Projects

  • All operations FY21 special projects have been paused and will be shifted to next fiscal year.

Operations Staffing

  • Operations facilities and construction management staff are alternating at minimum one FTE per weekday on-campus coverage. Administrative, finance, and space planning functions are working from home.


Building Announcement:

Boston Water & Sewer has notified us that they will be shutting down all non-potable/potable water to our campus on Tuesday, September 8th at 7 PM – 3 AM. They will be replacing a valve for the on-going Huntington Avenue work and will require a shutdown duration of roughly 6-8 hours.

During this shutdown, all experiments involving biological (BL1 or higher), chemical, or radioactive processes shall be suspended. Occupants will be unable to use eye wash stations, showers & sinks. In addition, all restrooms, fountains & kitchenettes on-campus will be offline.

Campus Services will be monitoring all building systems throughout the shutdown and will ensure all systems have recovered once BW&S notifies us that the work is completed.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Michael Koufos | Facilities Manager

Department of Operations |

617-432-5817 |



  • Saturday service for most routes, with additional service on busier routes during peak travel times. Please see your specific route/transportation schedule
  • All riders and employees are required to wear a face covering while riding the T.
  • All shared trips on The RIDE have been eliminated. We ask all RIDE customers to book trips 1-3 days in advance.
  • The CharlieCard Store is closed until further notice.
  • Customers should board at the rear doors of buses and street-level trolley stops. Seniors or people with disabilities can still board at the front door if needed.
  • Stations and vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized with increased frequency.

More Info: MBTA


  • All Shuttle services outside of the M2 and Chestnut hill services are running regularly to assist with physical distancing.
    • If you are a Chestnut Hill Parker and you have questions regarding your new parking assignment/location, please reach out to our Parking Office.
    • The M2 is operating on a reduced schedule. Every 30 Minutes, from 6:45AM until 7:15PM. Buses will depart from both Vanderbilt Hall and Lamont Library every 30 minutes on the :15’s and :45’s.
    • After 7:15PM, the normal hourly evening service will resume. The Coolidge Corner trips will remain normal at this time. Saturday service will remain normal at this time.

(Please make sure to check the TransLoc app for any updated information, and for real time updates on the routes.)

More Info: MASCO


  • Parking in the HMS Quad and NRB garages remains free through the end of June for HMS, HSDM and Harvard Chan School personnel with Harvard IDs who are approved for Phase-1 and/or Phase-2 access.
  • When parking fees go back into effect on July 1, non-monthly parkers may park at the rate of $18 per day (reduced from $25 per day).


  • Single fare passenger rides only, plan ahead, a mask should be worn by both the driver and rider(s).
  • The window be should open when possible.

More info: Lyft/ Uber


  • Please allow for physical distancing when entering or exiting the bike cages.


School Wide Lockdown

Beginning Monday, March 23, all School buildings will be closed to all but a limited number of designated people. Details follow:

Building access

  • Only people on a “Designated Personnel” list will be allowed in buildings. These people include Facilities Operations and critical lab staff.
  • The FXB entrance will be the only entrance point open to designated personnel.

Information technology

Food service

  • Sebastian’s Café is now closed and will remain closed for the duration of the remote work period. This closure will allow for a deep cleaning of our food preparation facilities.

Shipping, receiving, and mail

  • Shipping and receiving functions will be on a Winter Break schedule. While we are working remotely, please do not order any supplies or equipment unless they are absolutely essential.
  • As long as USPS continues to deliver mail, Operations staff will accept it. All delivered mail will be held until we return to normal on-site operations.
  • This does include the credit union as well as the onsite cafe.


To place a work order, please call the Harvard Facilities and Maintenance Operations Center at 617-495-5560 (or 55560 internally).

For all other operations related questions or concerns, please refer to the links under Services to determine how to proceed with your request. For all other inquiries, please contact Operations at 617-432-1152 or

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