Transportation Services

The Cambridge-Longwood Campus Shuttle Service (M2)

MASCO provides a shuttle bus service at no charge to all Harvard University officers, staff and students upon presentation of a valid H.U. ID card. The M2 shuttle operates from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm on weekdays. During weekday commuting hours, a bus departs from each stop approximately every 10 minutes. It operates at a 30-minute frequency outside of those hours.

Schedules and other information can be obtained online or from MASCO (2-2800).

MASCO Longwood Shuttle Service

The M2 Longwood Shuttle transports HSPH and HMS community members between the Landmark Center and the Longwood Campus from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. No weekend or Holiday service. Link to Live Look with Schedule & Printable Shuttle Schedule

Please see the MASCO Longwood Shuttle FAQs page for more information.

Walking Escort Service

The Harvard Longwood Campus has an escort service available 24 hours a day. The security officer will escort faculty, staff or students on request to any of the Longwood Campus Area parking lots, buildings or local “T” stops. To use this service call (2-1040). It may take as long as fifteen minutes for your escort to arrive. Please wait for your escort once you have called.

Taxi Escort Service

The Harvard Longwood Campus offers taxi shuttle escort services from 9 PM to 3 AM seven days a week.

Those eligible to use this service must have a valid Harvard University ID from the Medical/Dental or Harvard School of Public Health. The Medical/Dental School faculty, staff and students will continue to go to the Security Desk at Vanderbilt Hall, 107 Avenue Louis Pasteur; Harvard School of Public Health faculty, staff and students will continue to go to the FXB Security Desk, at 651 Huntington Avenue. Security will be responsible at both locations for distributing the vouchers and coordinating the taxi pick-up. You will only be given a voucher at the security desk location for your respective schools.

Taxi service is available at anytime during these hours on a first come first serve basis. You no longer have to wait for the top or bottom of the hour.

The taxi service is free within a one mile radius of the campus. (See maps highlighting the one mile radius at the Security Desk) Should your destination go beyond the one mile radius of the campus, the taxi meter will be turned on and you will be responsible for the additional fare beyond the one mile radius.

Each taxi will only go to one destination with up to four people.

Multiple riders going to different destinations will require separate taxis and vouchers.

Please be aware that traffic and weather conditions may affect the timeliness of the taxi service.

Safety and Security

We want every member of our community to be safe and secure in their surroundings.  As such, the Harvard University Police Department website is an excellent resource and contains important information on crime prevention programs and safety services that are available to our community.  Please find their website link here

Please remember to note the HU Longwood Police Department’s phone number, which is 617-432-1212 (internal: 2-1212) and do not hesitate to reach out to them with any questions or concerns, or if you feel unsafe and need assistance.