Parking and Transportation Services

Monthly Parking:
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has a limited number of spaces available to faculty and staff convenient to the main campus.  Parking is also available at the Landmark Center for faculty and staff based at Landmark.

The parking lots that are closest to both campuses are as follows:

  • Quad Garage, located at 200 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA (one-day parking passes available)
  • NRB Garage, located at 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA (one-day parking passes available; oversized vehicles can be accommodated)
  • Landmark Center, located at 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA
  • *90 Smith Street, located at 90 Smith Street, Boston, MA

To learn more about all parking services for employees and visitors, please email the HMS Parking Office (email address: or you can access the following website link:

Daily Parking for Employees: HLC staff and visitors may purchase daily parking permits for the Quad Garage or the NRB Garage only via the Harvard Online Parking Permit System (HOPPS) website:

Daily Parking for Departmental Visitors: Employees authorized to charge visitor parking to a departmental billing code should click on the link below to make daily parking reservations for visitors to their department.  Reservations can be made for either the NRB Garage, located at 77 Louis Pasteur Avenue or the Quad Garage, located at 200 Longwood Ave.

To avoid delays at the garage entrance, reservations should be made in advance.   Oversized vehicles can be accommodated at the NRB Garage. Daily parking permits are issued at the entrance of the garages.  The quad daily parking permits are available for pick up M-F 6:00am-7:00pm.  The NRB garage daily parking permits are available for pickup M-F 7:00am-7:00pm.

After Hours Parking: Harvard Longwood Campus employees have the option for registering for after-hours parking at either the Quad or NRB garages.   Upon registering, you may choose to deduct the annual fee from your HU paycheck or you can make the payment on line.  Your HUID is activated with after hour parking access, which is Monday through Friday after 5:00pm until 5:00am, all day weekends and on Harvard holidays.

* The 90 Smith Street lot has limited parking available for non-employee vendors, and external VIP (typically non-Harvard visitors on official business meeting with senior leadership or their designee) guests. We cannot accommodate one day requests for staff parking at this location. All Harvard employees must make parking arrangements via the HU parking office.

If you would like to set-up permitted parking at the 90 Smith Street Lot, please contact Maura Madden in the Operations Department directly at the following email address