Nameplates and Signage

The Operations Office orders all nameplates/numberplates required for all new personnel. Orders are sent out approximately every week and may take up to one week to return. You will be notified when nameplates are ready for pick-up.

Please send nameplate requests to stating the names of the employees, the building and room number outside of which the nameplate is to be placed, and whether or not a holder is necessary.

Nameplate holders have double-stick tape on the backside and can easily be affixed to the wall or door by peeling the paper off to reveal the tape surface and pressing the holder to the wall or door in the desired position. (The Operations Office does not affix/install nameplate holders.)

One nameplate per faculty/staff.

Additional nameplates can be ordered @ $4.00 per nameplate + $4.00 per holder.

If hanging signs, directional signs or anything of a custom nature is required, please contact the Operations Office and we will arrange for a meeting with a vendor that will assist with the design.