Pollen seasons are getting longer, driven by climate change

February 17, 2021- Since 1990, pollen seasons have gotten longer and more pollen-filled, and climate change is responsible, according to a new study.

The study found that, since 1990, pollen seasons lengthened by 20 days and contained 21% more pollen. The researchers attributed roughly half of the lengthening pollen seasons and 8% of the trend in pollen concentrations to climate changes driven by human activity.

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We’re better off when we can breathe easy

Winter 2020- Until the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us didn’t think about indoor air very much, if at all. But healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen has been studying indoor air for years. He says that since we spend 90% of lives inside, we need to do more to make our offices, homes, and schools places where we can breathe easy.

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Decision not to tighten U.S. soot rules ‘highly irresponsible,’ says expert

December 7, 2020- Public health experts have criticized the Trump administration’s decision not to strengthen regulations for fine particulate (PM2.5air pollution.

According to a December 7, 2020 New York Times article, the decision was made in spite of evidence from the government’s own scientists that reducing such pollution could save more than 10,000 American lives each year

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