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Maternal exposure to phthalates and total gestational weight gain in the LIFECODES birth cohort

Excessive gestational weight gain contributes to adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes. Environmental exposures such as phthalates may lead to metabolic dysregulation, and studies suggest possible associations between maternal phthalate exposure and altered gestational weight gain.
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Pesticide residue intake from fruits and vegetables and alterations in the serum metabolome of women undergoing infertility treatment

Pesticide exposure is linked to a myriad of negative health effects; however, the mechanisms underlying these associations are less clear. We utilized metabolomics to describe the alterations in the serum metabolome associated with high and low pesticide residue intake from fruits and vegetables (FVs), the most common route of exposure in humans.
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Organic Fluorine as an Indicator of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Dust from Buildings with Healthier versus Conventional Materials

PFAS have been associated with many adverse human health effects. We aimed to determine whether buildings with “healthier” materials─defined here as reportedly free of all PFAS─exhibit lower PFAS in dust.
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PFAS Chemicals Found in Drinking Water in Dozens of Cities

Drinking water contamination with fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS may be more prevalent than previously reported, a new study suggested.
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