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Mapping emergency department asthma visits to identify poor-quality housing in New Haven, CT, USA: a retrospective cohort study

Housing conditions are a key driver of asthma incidence and severity. Previous studies have shown increased emergency department visits for asthma among residents living in poor-quality housing. Interventions to improve housing conditions have been shown to reduce emergency department visits for asthma, but identification and remediation of poor housing conditions is often delayed or does not occur. This study evaluates whether emergency department visits for asthma can be used to identify poor-quality housing to support proactive and early intervention
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Antagonizing cholecystokinin A receptor in the lung attenuates obesity-induced airway hyperresponsiveness

Obesity increases asthma prevalence and severity. However, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood, and consequently, therapeutic options for asthma patients with obesity remain limited. Here we report that cholecystokinin—a metabolic hormone best known for its role in signaling satiation and fat metabolism—is increased in the lungs of obese mice and that pharmacological blockade of cholecystokinin A receptor signaling reduces obesity-associated airway hyperresponsiveness
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Targeting TBK1 to overcome resistance to cancer immunotherapy.

Despite the success of PD-1 blockade in melanoma and other cancers, effective treatment strategies to overcome resistance to cancer immunotherapy are lacking. Here we identify the innate immune kinase TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1) as a candidate immune-evasion gene in a pooled genetic screen.
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When cells reach their breaking point

For cells, effectively managing stress can be the difference between life and death. But why some cells master the art of stress management while others succumb to the pressure isn’t well understood.
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