Combating drowsy driving: Culture change will spread ‘from within the corporate sector’ with ‘baby steps’ at different stages

May 11, 2016 — The Huffington Post: “Speaking at a Harvard School of Public Health event titled ‘Asleep at the Wheel‘ panelists discussed the crisis of fatigued driving along with potential solutions…[Jay A.] Winsten suggested, based on his experience fighting drunk driving, that ‘baby steps’ could help popularize the risks of drowsy driving among the American public. ‘One night per week, people can commit, like on Sunday evenings, to get a good start to the week,’ he said…The panelists brainstormed a range of policy measures that could help alleviate drowsy driving…[and] discussed the potential role of technology — like driverless cars, to curb crashes caused by drowsy driving. However, they were circumspect…Winsten suggested that driverless cars could actually backfire, removing people’s sense of accountability for their own drowsy driving.”
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