LookOut for new campaign: ‘Many drivers have highly inflated beliefs about their own skills at multitasking. And each time they drive while distracted and get away with it, their confidence only grows.’ — Jay Winsten (Q&A interview)

July 2, 2019 — The Harvard Gazette: “[The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s] Center for Health Communication is planning to tackle a major cause: distracted driving. The center is joining forces with a Hollywood animation studio and a New York ad firm to develop a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the need for drivers to remain focused, a problem that has proved resistant to efforts by legislatures, federal and state agencies, insurance companies, carmakers, nonprofits, and others … [The Harvard Gazette] spoke to Jay Winsten, the Frank Stanton Center Director and the School’s associate dean for communication. Winsten and his team spearheaded the U.S. Designated Driver Campaign, which helped sharply reduce drunken driving fatalities. They plan to use the same strategy they devised for that project on this one: create a social norm that stigmatizes the behavior.”
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