Ad Council partners with the COVID Collaborative for COVID-19 vaccination public education campaign

November 30, 2020 — The Harvard Crimson: “The COVID Collaborative — a coalition of experts in health, education, and the economy — launched a $50 million vaccine education campaign with nonprofit advertising group the Ad Council…The effort aims to inform Americans about COVID-19 vaccines and their benefits. Harvard School of Public Health Dean Michelle A. Williams co-founded the Collaborative…Several other[s] [at] Harvard…serve on the National Advisory Council to the Collaborative, including…School of Public Health Associate Dean Jay A. Winsten…[F]ederal, state, and local officials are now grappling with the challenges of nationwide vaccine distribution and convincing citizens to get vaccinated. A recent survey conducted by the COVID Collaborative found that while 86 percent of Americans believe a vaccine will effectively curb the virus, only one-third of survey takers say they will get vaccinated themselves. Among Black and Latinx communities, confidence in a vaccine is much lower…The vaccine education campaign will focus on addressing the mistrust…[and] craft culturally relevant and appropriate messaging for all Americans.”
Read The Harvard Crimson article by Virginia L. Ma