Show and tell: Interactive map tells story of environmental racism in Boston

Lisa Freuh, who lead team that developed the racism in Boston storymap

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Who I am: Lisa Frueh, former research assistant at Harvard Chan School NIEHS Center for Environmental Health, now a PhD student in environmental and occupational health at Drexel University

What we created: An online series of interactive maps about environmental racism in Greater Boston, built with ArcGIS StoryMaps. One of these StoryMaps, about racial residential segregation, was named runner up in the Humanitarian and Social Justice category of the 2022 Esri ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition.

Why it matters: The series leverages interactive tools to illustrate complex spatial relationships in an engaging and accessible manner. We were able to reach a broad audience with this work, highlighting the utility of StoryMaps in public health communications.

What we learned: A picture is worth a thousand words—really! Images, maps, and charts can pack a much larger punch than a long chunk of text.