Harvard case study examines the origins of the CHC, lessons learned from the Designated Driver Campaign, and evidence of the campaign’s impact on alcohol-related traffic fatalities

February 2017 — Harvard Business School Case Study, “Jay Winsten and the Designated Driver Campaign” [Excerpted With Permission]: “The high level of media exposure generated by the Designated Driver Campaign over four TV seasons helped to rejuvenate an anti-drunk driving movement that had temporarily run out of steam. Moreover, findings from large-scale national surveys strongly suggest that the Designated Driver Campaign contributed to a sharp increase in the self-reported use of designated drivers in the United States and a marked decrease in the number of drinking drivers on roads, as measured directly in roadside surveys using breathalyzers and in other studies. Perhaps the strongest evidence of the campaign’s influence came from the National Roadside Survey, a large-scale survey sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) … Continue reading

Texting While Driving Law: Letter to the Editor

California’s new ban on using hand-held devices while driving takes only a baby step in the right direction. For a first infraction, the base fine is $20, less than a parking ticket in many towns. And the new law doesn’t prohibit such uses of digital devices as watching videos on dashboard-mounted smartphones. What message does … Continue reading “Texting While Driving Law: Letter to the Editor”