Ad Council partners with the COVID Collaborative for COVID-19 vaccination public education campaign

The COVID Collaborative — a coalition of experts in health, education, and the economy — launched a $50 million vaccine education campaign with nonprofit advertising group the Ad Council…The effort aims to inform Americans about COVID-19 vaccines and their benefits…[F]ederal, state, and local officials are now grappling with the challenges of nationwide vaccine distribution and convincing citizens to get vaccinated…The vaccine education campaign will focus on addressing the mistrust…[and] craft culturally relevant and appropriate messaging for all Americans … Continue reading

Public health messaging for the 21st Century: ‘A leading example of what we don’t know how to do yet relates to covid-19’

[M]any scholars agree that public health officials have been slow to recognize the rapid shifts to hyperlocal messaging and to platforms that attract younger generations. ‘A leading example of what we don’t know how to do yet relates to covid-19,’ said Jay A. Winsten, director of the Frank Stanton Center for Health Communication at the Harvard [T.H. Chan] School of Public Health…’There isn’t a lot of smart thinking yet in terms of design of messaging so that it reflects where young people are coming from and whether or not there are alternative messaging concepts that might resonate in a stronger way,’ he said. Winsten suspended a course…because the cases were derived from the pre-social-media world. ‘No one has really fixed the model of health communications … Continue reading