Effective public health ads/PSAs require clear, actionable, steps combined with credible stories from ‘the right messengers’

Marketing experts say public health advertising often falls short because it incites people’s worst fears rather than providing clear steps viewers can take to save lives. They say lessons from opioid messaging can inform campaigns seeking to influence behavior that could help curb the coronavirus pandemic, such as wearing masks, not gathering in big groups and getting a covid-19 vaccine…’It needs the right messengers: well-known individuals who have high credibility within specific population groups that currently are hesitant about taking the vaccine,’ [Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s, Jay] Winsten said … Continue reading

Ad Council partners with the COVID Collaborative for COVID-19 vaccination public education campaign

The COVID Collaborative — a coalition of experts in health, education, and the economy — launched a $50 million vaccine education campaign with nonprofit advertising group the Ad Council…The effort aims to inform Americans about COVID-19 vaccines and their benefits…[F]ederal, state, and local officials are now grappling with the challenges of nationwide vaccine distribution and convincing citizens to get vaccinated…The vaccine education campaign will focus on addressing the mistrust…[and] craft culturally relevant and appropriate messaging for all Americans … Continue reading