Student Testimonials

“The PCE provided foundational education and specific tools for performing high quality clinical research.” – Patrick

“Although fast-paced, the PCE was an enriching and amazing experience! I would highly recommend this course!” – Felipe

“The PCE provided a strong foundation in epidemiology, biostatistics, and health outcomes research that will allow me to be a more effective and efficient clinical investigator.” – Clark

“The PCE is very well-structured and offers a good balance of ‘hard’ analytic tools and inspiring perspectives on how to drive change in our healthcare organizations.” – Michael

“This is a fantastic course, regardless of your medical background or sub-specialty. It is fast paced, but very well taught. You can’t go wrong taking it!” – Zareen

“The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Program in Clinical Effectiveness balances theoretical knowledge with practical skills for busy clinicians with an interest in research.  The core curriculum provided fundamental information in epidemiology and biostatistics while afternoon electives allowed for intellectual pursuits tailored to our individual research needs.” – Sarah

“The best educational value I’ve ever received in 2 months.” – Sameer

“What an outstanding program! I learned so much from the excellent teaching and enjoyed interacting with fellow students as well!”  – Melanie

“The PCE has been a great experience; it has given me full insight into the potential applicability to my daily professional activities. I recommend it for all clinical related professionals to achieve better tools in order to improve their practice.” – Ricardo

“The PCE is given only for two months, but the rich content made me feel as if I had pursued a one-year program. Day by day, I got equipped with new knowledge and practical techniques, and realized the actual progress. Furthermore, I would like to thank all the encounters with amazingly talented and thoughtful faculty members, staff and friends! I really miss them.” – Saori

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Program in Clinical Effectiveness (PCE) course. Although the course is rigorous it is ultimately a rewarding and enriching experience that will leave you equipped with fundamental research principles. I have no regrets in taking the PCE course and would highly recommend it to any individual who has an interest in clinical research or wants to gain a better understanding of statistics.” – Mayur

“The program provided an organized and constructive environment for learning the framework for public health. The participants were fantastic with interesting projects. The faculty was approachable and thorough. It was a fantastic experience.” – Mary

“The PCE is something that I believe anyone in medicine who is interested in research should take; really everyone in medicine should take it.  The fundamentals of doing great research and critically evaluating others’ research are taught. You are not only made a better scientist but also a much better physician. Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much.” – Nikhila

 “After the Program in Clinical Effectiveness I feel ready to produce the kind of healthcare research I’ve found helpful in my own career.” – Kyle

“The summer PCE equips you with the necessary resources to confidently and independently conduct valid research from anywhere in the world. Thank you for the opportunity!” – Richard