Policy on campus fliers, postings, and bulletin board use

Community members may use bulletin boards throughout the School to share academic information and announce upcoming events and opportunities. Such postings are permitted only on designated bulletin boards. Community members may not post or distribute fliers in Sebastian’s Café or elsewhere in the School, unless they have written permission from the Office of Communications.


Bulletin boards labeled with Harvard Chan departments, centers, or offices are for the exclusive use of those units.

Unlabeled bulletin boards can be used for general information in accordance with the following guidelines:

Postings must promote Harvard Chan School or Harvard University-affiliated events or courses, or School-related opportunities or information. Community members cannot use the bulletin boards or other spaces on campus to distribute or post fliers about political campaigns or world events. These spaces are designated for sharing information directly related to opportunities, events, and academic programs affiliated with Harvard.

The sponsor of the event, course, or opportunity, must be:

  • Harvard Chan School or Harvard affiliate;
  • A Harvard Chan department, center, academic program, or administrative office; or
  • An officially recognized Harvard Chan student organization

All postings must clearly state:

  • The date of the event or registration/application deadline
  • The flyer posting and removal date
  • The sponsor of the event

Notices should be posted no earlier than a month before an event and should be removed the day after an event or an application deadline. Informational fliers without specific deadlines and posters promoting recurring events can remain up for one month.

Limit your posting to one copy on any given bulletin board.

All flyers should be posted on bulletin boards only. Do not post notices on painted surfaces, in elevators or stairwells, in bathrooms, or on doors.

Use only thumbtacks or pushpins; do not use staples or tape on bulletin boards.

All flyers on unlabeled boards will be removed prior to Winter Break and after Graduation.

Flyers that don’t meet the above criteria are subject to removal.