Website redesign project

The redesign of the Harvard Chan School website will be a multiyear project, beginning with a discovery phase in fall 2022. The discovery phase will focus on defining stakeholder and site visitor needs, drafting site architecture, and creating an action plan for the design and development phases that follow.

The project is being led by a working group from the Department of Information Technology and the Office of Communications. We will update this page regularly so you can track our progress.

Project status

We are currently in the discovery phase.

Timeline ​​

Milestone Date Phase Status
Deadline for RFP responses from vendors​ Sept. 16​ Discovery Complete
Vendor presentations​ Sept. 27–Oct. 7​ Discovery Complete
Selection and project kick-off​ Oct. 17 Discovery Complete
Discovery Phase project completion Jan. 3–May 12 Discovery In progress

How you can help

The vendor for the Discovery Phase will be reaching out to stakeholders across the School with survey and interview requests.

You can also help the process by reviewing and updating the website content relevant to your department, center, or job function. Recommended tasks:

  • Review the pages on your site and update any information that might be outdated
  • Go through the unpublished pages and delete those you no longer need
  • Organize your menu in a way that makes sense to your target audience
  • Fix any broken links

For help reorganizing or evaluating your website content, please reach out to Iman Ramadan, For information about the website project, please contact