Migrate to CampusPress

A few Harvard Chan affiliates (about 20) have been recommended for migration to Campus Press. These recommendations were made through discussions with the Web Communications Working Group, site editors and owners, and leadership across the School.  

If your group has been recommended for a Campus Press site, you can expect to receive a follow-up email from IT by March 2024.  After receiving a response from you, we will hold a first meeting to discuss what this process entails in more detail, decide on a migration period, and address early questions you may have. 

Sites should be migrated to CampusPress and launched before the new Harvard Chan School website launches, Fall 2024. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule during the planning and execution of this process and ask for your prompt attention and feedback where needed. 

Before Migration  

You can help prepare your site for migration by following the steps in our website content cleanup guide.   

When adding content to your website, avoid using custom elements or shortcodes such as those listed in our demo site (Content Examples).  These custom elements will not work as expected in CampusPress.  

Migration Process  

The migration process will be a collaboration between IT and your team.  

During the period discussed in our first meeting, IT will:  

  • Set up the new CampusPress site through Harvard Web Publishing. 
  • Migrate your content, menus, and media to the new site.  
  • Periodically demo the in-progress CampusPress website to your team and incorporate feedback.  
  • Launch your new CampusPress site and archive the old one once you give approval to do so.  

You may be asked to:  

  • Provide higher quality images, logos, or original branding assets. 
  • Create a new menu to fit the horizontal layout used in CampusPress. 
  • Perform a review of imported content to ensure pages are displayed properly and all links work on your new CampusPress website.  
  • Edit custom page elements which do not display properly, to use WordPress Gutenberg blocks instead. 
  • Provide IT with admin access to your domain registrar if your current website uses a custom domain name.  

All content editors on the new website should plan to attend a CampusPress Website Building Training  session as early as April 11th. The training covers all support options that will be available to you through Harvard Web Publishing and CampusPress once the site migration is complete. It’s also a great introduction to the new editing experience with WordPress Gutenberg blocks