Health Systems Cancer Initiative in Latin America (HSCI-LA)

Despite advances in health systems responses to the burden of cancer, there continue to be challenges pertaining the management in this disease within Latin America. Further, these challenges were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as human resources, funding and supplies were shifted to attending this epidemiological emergency. Based on the findings from Integrated Cancer Control Initiative for Latin America (ICCI-LA), the Health Systems and Cancer Initiative in Latin America (HSCI-LA) was created, with three priority actions in mind: Undertaking comprehensive study on health systems, cancer care and control, implementing “a learning network where countries and stakeholders can share experiences and engage in cross-learning in relation to poly implementation”, and creating an Innovation Lab for Health Systems and Cancer.  

These activities will aim to increase knowledge and evidence about cancer and health systems within the region, foster collaboration between stakeholders to catalyze conversations and cross-learning about policy design and implementation regarding cancer, identify and invest in scale-up of innovative and comprehensive interventions and local solutions to the previously identified challenges.


Ongoing activities

HSCI-LA Learning Network
Innovation Lab for Health Systems and Cancer