Dr Muhammed Ali is the managing director of MSD Norge and visiting scientist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He teaches  on the Innovations in Global Health Systems program exploring the key facets that drive adoption and diffusion in healthcare. He is a General Practitioner (and partner in a local practice) at the NHS, UK, and focuses on vulnerable at need groups, integrated care and older adult care.

Junaid Bajwa

Junaid Bajwa, MBBS

Visiting Scientist
Health Systems Innovation Lab, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr Bajwa is the Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft Research and a practising physician in the the UK’s National Health Service. Junaid has worked across primary care, secondary care, and public health settings in addition to acting as a payer, and policy maker within the UK, where he specialized in informatics, digital transformation, and leadership. He has consulted for health care systems across the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East,…