Azrael, Deborah

Azrael (azrael.gif)Deborah Azrael, Ph.D., received her doctorate in health policy with a concentration in statistics and evaluative sciences.  Dr. Azrael is Associate Director of the Harvard Youth Violence Prevention Center, and leads the Center’s collaboration with the City of Boston.  As part of that work, Dr. Azrael has overseen development of a multi-tiered surveillance system designed to support city-wide policy planning and to allow multi-level analyses of neighborhood-level predictors of violence and injury-related outcomes for youth.  Dr. Azrael is also a key member of the Injury Control Research Center’s firearms research program.  Her recent work, with Drs. Miller, Hemenway and Hepburn, and Ms Barber, has focused on the relationship between access to firearms and homicide and suicide, as well as on evaluation of state gun laws.

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