Balancing Family and Work

Student Life as a Parent with Children at Home

Thriving at work, home and as an MHCM student: How do they do it?

We asked the experts-our students and recent graduates:

Jennifer Brockman MD and family

Jennifer Brockman, MD and family

  • Balance perfectionism with realism
  • Schedule/plan weekly study time as one would other commitments
  • Have family visit for some portion of the summer session. Although it was busy, we made some wonderful memories
  • Explore novel concepts to accomplish things-such as grocery delivery and meal services. Being intentional and using good time management skills has been critical
Irfan Dhalla, MD and family

Irfan Dhalla, MD and family

  • An encouraging spouse is very important. I wouldn’t have enrolled if my spouse hadn’t been 100% supportive.
  • I have accepted that I won’t do every assignment as well as I could if I had unlimited time. I’ve tried to focus more on the courses and assignments that are most important to me.
  • I’ve also tried to find time that I would otherwise be using unproductively. For example, I’ve been surprised how much reading I can get done on the subway.
Minal Kapoor, MD and family

Minal Kapoor, MD and family

  • Family study nights at the kitchen table. “We do our homework together every evening. This been a motivator for my kids and a great way to lead by example.”
  • Plan for the summer session in advance. There are some great summer classes for kids in Boston in the summer.
Mark Townsend, MD and family

Mark Townsend, MD and family

  • Do homework together on weekends
  • Set lifelong learning example “Going ‘back to school’ has been a way for me to demonstrate to my children my commitment to lifelong learning. We ‘do our homework’ together, and we have created a whole new bonding experience!”
  • Bring whole family to Boston in the summer for fun, history and exploration
  • “My wife and children came to Boston with me for the summer sessions; they enjoyed a break from the pace of life at home, and they enjoyed exploring the history and sights of Boston!”