What are the expenses for the program?

For students matriculating July 2015 and graduating in May 2017; tuition is $75,000 for the entire program (tuition costs are broken down over the 4 terms); this is a one year degree program taken over two years (42.5 credits total). Tuition includes registration fees. The $500 deposit for admitted students is automatically applied to the first tuition bill.

We anticipate an increase in tuition for the 2016 – 2018 program.

Note that the estimated budget, billing and refund schedules for the MHCM program differ from those posted on the Harvard Chan School website for the traditional programs. Matriculating students will receive detailed information in the MHCM student handbook.


Tuition includes the cost of curriculum materials but not textbooks. The program will provide a list of required texts to purchase and potential sources, i.e. or the textbook publisher, well in advance of class start dates.


Breakfast and lunch are provided on the weekends during the academic year as the school cafeteria is closed.

Travel and housing expenses:

Travel costs vary by participant location. With advance booking most students are able to purchase flights for $300 or less per trip to Boston.

One of the largest expenses for out-of-town students is housing; some students choose to share accommodations or to stay in modest bed and breakfasts while others prefer luxury hotels with business centers. Please see the Housing section under Student Life for suggestions.

Billing cycle:

Information regarding the program billing cycle, payment options, and sponsored billing is available via the Office for Student Financial Services here (for students matriculating in 2014).

Payment Options:

Harvard University requires that tuition and fees be paid in full prior to registering each term unless you enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan. The Monthly Payment Plan costs $35 per semester and allows you to register by paying your tuition and required fees in four monthly installments each semester. Students who are negligent in making their monthly payments during one term may not be permitted to use the Plan in subsequent terms. If you would like to enroll or cancel enrollment, please call (617) 495-2739 and a Student Receivables representative can help you.

Students may prepay the entire program tuition amount at any time once they become matriculated students with a Harvard ID number.

How can I find out the amount due on my account?

Students can check a nearly live version (e-payments received before 4pm will be credited the following day) of their student billing account at by clicking on “View latest charges and payments on your account”.

Third Party Contracts (formerly sponsored billing):

Students are encouraged to seek institutional sponsorship, but organizational support is not a requirement. In the past students who have not received formal sponsorship have been able to negotiate release time, or salary increases to offset the cost of the program.

Your sponsor should complete the online sponsored billing form after reading the instructions. For the form and complete information on sponsored billing please visit:

Financial Aid:

MHCM students are not eligible for federally subsidized student loans due to the part-time nature of our program. The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health’s Student Financial Services office provides a list of alternative programs that offer low interest loans found here.

Student Financial Services may be reached at 617-432-1867 or for additional assistance.