Tuition & Fees and Annual Cost of Attendance

2024-2025 Academic Year (June 2024 – May 2025)

These rates are only for the academic year indicated; tuition increases annually. Archives of prior year tuition rates can be found at the bottom of this page.

*Living expenses are estimated based on typical costs incurred in the Boston area. The actual living expenses for students in online programs will depend on the cost of living in their communities and are not paid to Harvard.

1If you are enrolled in the summer-focused MPH-45 or summer-only SM-42.5 program, please visit the Student Billing Policy and refer to the chart below.

2More information on the Continuation Fee and the DrPH non-resident tuition rate (see figures and chart below) can be found on our Student Billing Website. Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) recipients are assessed tuition on a per-credit basis. Please refer to the “Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)” section below.

3Information on Health Insurance waivers and family/spousal health insurance is available on HUHS website.

4Federal loan borrowers should note that, in addition to the indirect costs detailed above, an origination fee is charged by the federal government which reduces the loan amounts received from amounts borrowed by an average of $330 for Direct Unsubsidized borrowers. Grad PLUS loan borrowers will likewise have an origination fee subtracted from the loan amounts received by the school.

5Part-time students: Tuition for part-time students (enrolling in less than 15 credits) is generally one-half the full time tuition rate. If you are transferring in non-degree credits, please visit the Student Billing Policy for more information.

6Housing: This expense is an average cost, and $1,864/month generally means sharing an apartment with a roommate. Monthly rates for Harvard student apartment buildings vary; for Shattuck House, ranges are $1,800-$2,350 for a 1-bedroom, $2,800-$3,000 for a 2-bedroom, and $1,400-$1,500 for a shared 2-bedroom. Off-campus housing rates vary greatly depending on but not limited to location, number of roommates, and size. Boston is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in in the US. Housing cost for students living on-campus may vary.

International students: Harvard Chan VISA certification requires international students to demonstrate specific levels of support prior to the issuance of an I-20 or DS-2019 — please note that the levels required for visa certification may be higher than COA.

Student Fees

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and Student Health Fee (SHF) are not assessed for students enrolled in the MPH-EPI, MHCM, MPH-GEN, MPH-45 summer-focused, and SM-42.45 summer-only degree programs; or for non-degree students.

Students attending summer programs are strongly encouraged to have alternative health coverage while enrolled. Summer program students will not be assessed any health charges for the summer and should have alternative coverage should they need care during the summer.

Students with questions about the Harvard University Student Health Program can visit their website at, email HUSHP at or call their office at 617-495-2008.

HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP):

  • Fee may be waived for each semester with proof of comparable coverage.
  • Deadlines: July 31 (fall), January 31 (spring). For more information, please visit the following link.
  • Family/spousal health insurance is available to all students. More information available on the HUHS website.
  • Students in MHCM, MPH45-EPI, MPH45-GEN, and summer-focused, summer-only degree programs, and non-degree programs are NOT eligible to enroll in the Harvard University Health Programs.
$4,202 per year
HUSHP Student Health Fee (SHF):

$1,592 per year
Late Registration Fee:

  • Students are expected to finalize enrollment, each term, by the published add/drop/change deadlines.
  • Approved registration exceptions will result in a late registration fee assessment, per exception.
$80 per exception
Continuation Fee:

  • Students are expected to complete all program requirements within their degree program’s published time-to-degree. Time-to-degree begins with the term a student is enrolled/matriculated in their degree program.
  • Students may submit a General Petition to request an extension of their time-to-degree to complete required coursework only.
  • A Continuation Fee will be assessed for each additional term of enrollment beyond the program’s published time-to-degree.
  • Exceptions to the Continuation Fee will be considered for extenuating circumstances by submitting the General Petition Form.
varies, please see above for program specific information
Other Fees:

  • Library fees, parking fees and other miscellaneous charges may be charged to the student account.
varies, please check your account regularly


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