Joint JD/MPH Program Tuition Assessment

Pursuing the JD and MPH through the joint degree program results in some tuition savings, compared to pursuing the two degrees separately. Tuition is billed as follows:

Harvard Law School: 2 terms at full-time rate.
Harvard Chan: no tuition billed

Harvard Law School: 4 semesters at 75% of full-time rate. This comes out to 3 terms’ worth of tuition instead of 4 terms’ worth.
Harvard Chan: 4 terms at the current academic year’s per-credit rate (35 credits). Billed as 8.75 credits (25%) during each of 4 terms (fall & spring).

Dual MPH-45/MUP Program Tuition Assessment

Harvard Graduate School of Design: Full-time tuition.

Harvard Chan: Full-time tuition at the current academic year’s rate (fall/spring).