Joint JD/MPH Program Tuition Assessment

Pursuing the JD and MPH through the joint degree program results in some tuition savings, compared to pursuing the two degrees separately. Tuition is paid as follows:

HLS Tuition Paid

Full (2 semesters)

3 semesters’ worth (instead of 4).  This is charged as 75% of full-time tuition during each of 4 terms.

Harvard Chan Tuition Paid


35 credits tuition charged over 2 years (4 terms) at the per credit rate for current year.  Charged as 8.75 credits (25%) during each of 4 terms (fall/spring).

Tuition Assessment Joint MPH/MUP Program

One year of Full-time tuition paid to each school determined by primary school of enrollment for the year: year 1 tuition paid to GSD, year 2 tuition paid to Harvard Chan.

Full-time tuition split between the 2 schools.  Each school will charge ½ of a full-time semester’s tuition in each of the fall and spring semesters.