Third-Party Contracts

All students receiving any financial support from an external agency, foundation, organization, employer (hospitals) or government MUST complete the Third Party Contract Online Form. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for collecting and tracking funding information for all students. If you are receiving funding from multiple sources, separate forms for each source must be received.

Please note:

  • Third-Party Contracts are in effect only after matriculation and that admitted students must pay the tuition deposit by credit card or check.
  • The third-party contract is not legally binding.
  • The form must not be completed by the student as it will not be processed.

Third-Party and student related information below, all are responsible to review:

Financial hold: As long as your Third-Party Billing Form is received by the deadline listed below, you will be granted financial clearance for enrollment equal to the amount of your third-party payer’s contribution.

MPH-EPI Online/On-Campus, MHCM, DrPH, summer only            April 1, 2020
All Degree/Non-Degree (Summer)            May 1, 2020
All Degree/Non-Degree (Fall/Spring)             July 1, 2020
All Degree/Non-Degree (Spring)        November 1, 2020

* This deadline concerns financial clearance for enrollment only. Our office will continue to accept Third-Party contract forms.

Third-Party Contract Release Form: Third-Party Contract Release Form, completed by you, the student. Your ‘to do’ list in my.harvard will prompt you to complete the form, once the sponsor submits the third-party contract form and has been processed.

NOTE: Having a sponsor does not relieve the student of their financial obligations to the University. If the sponsor fails to pay any amount for any reason, the student will remain responsible for paying their bill to the University.

Please note: your third-party contract will not reflect on your student account unless this form is received.

The third-party will receive an invoice from the Student Accounts Office (SAO) for the agreed coverage. The invoice will be sent as soon as tuition has been assessed and/or after the form has been processed. (depending on timing)


When a Third-Party Contract is created, the items the Third-Party is covering will be removed from the student bill by a “Deferred to 3rd Party Contract.” The result of this will allow students to see what they owe after their Third-Party coverage (if any). Please note: The “Deferred to 3rd Party Contract” credit that appears on the student’s account does not mean that the third party has paid.

The Student Accounts Office will invoice the Third-Party for the items they have agreed to pay for both current and future terms.

Please note: a Third-Party cannot be billed for fees NOT charged on the student account**. When payment is received from the third-party, the student’s account will be credited with the amount of the third-party’s payment. (** Therefore, if a third-party wishes to pay for living/other expenses, the check for those educational costs must go directly to the student.)

Students will receive an email copy from the Student Accounts Office when their third-party has been invoiced and payment has been received.

Students are responsible for paying items on the bill that the third-party will not be paying. In addition, if the third-party fails to pay the agreed upon amount, the student will be responsible for paying all charges on their account. Here is instruction on how you can

Tuition deposit is a MANDATORY deposit that must be paid to the Admissions Office in order to secure the student’s place in the class. This deposit is nonrefundable and any credit that arises from this deposit will be refunded by completing the Credit Balance Refund Form to the student.

Any Third-Party seeking back these funds will have to secure them from the student directly. THIS DEPOSIT CANNOT BE WAIVED

The HUSHP Student Health Fee is compulsory for all degree candidates and special students registered for more than 10 credits in a semester. Others may elect to waive SHF coverage; this must be done by July 31 for fall and by January 31 for spring.

The HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan is automatically charged for all degree candidates and special students registered for more than 10 credits in a semester and it is the responsibility of the student to waive this fee (if they have alternate insurance coverage) by contacting University Health Services.

Contact Information:

For ALL sponsor-related questions (i.e invoices, payments received, etc.) please contact Jessica Cheveste in the Student Accounts Office at 617-496-8050 or

For ALL sponsor-related questions (i.e form submission, questions about billing, third-party contract process, etc.) contact Senait Mulu in the Office of Financial Aid at 617-432-3859 or