Financial Health

The Harvard Chan Office of Financial Aid is committed to being a resource to students throughout the year as they face financial issues — from budgeting in Boston to planning for loan repayment. We are open for appointments during the week and offer programming throughout the semester.

The Financial Health Resource Group

The Financial Health Resource Group is a group of administrators in student-serving offices that formed in the 2017-2018 academic year to address the financial health needs of our student population. This group focuses on the financial health of our students – understanding that financial stress can impact academic achievement, mental health and many other key pieces of the student experience. This holistic approach to financial health will allow for a range of focus – from traditional financial literacy programming to broader issues such as housing and mental health support.

In particular, this group will work to increase transparency in communication to students and fill in information gaps where needed. In addition, the Financial Health Resource Group will identify areas of need around support services for students and work to create additional support and resources for vulnerable populations.

To reach out to the Financial Health Resource Group, email